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CNPD Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Social Work faculty and students are actively involved in interdisciplinary research and training projects.

Inside CNPD Research

Research Office
About the UND CNPD Research Office

Dedicated to supporting the research agenda of the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines.

Current Research & Projects
Current Research & Projects

CNPD faculty and students are actively involved in interdisciplinary research and training projects.

Publications & Presentations
Publications & Presentations

Our many faculty publications, papers, and presentations reflect broad expertise and interest in nursing, nutrition & dietetics, and social work.


Pre and Post Award Support
Pre and Post Award Support

The CNPD Research Office is available to support faculty with research, scholarship, and funded programs. 

Seed Grant Proposals
Seed Grant Proposals

The CNPD Research Office has funds available to jump-start scholarly activities for faculty.

Research Assistant Request
Research Assistant Request

CNPD graduate research assistants are available to help with faculty research projects.


Northern Plains Center for Behavioral Research
Northern Plains Center for Behavioral Research

Located adjacent to the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines., this space houses research and research training spaces.

Recruitment & Retention of American Indians into Nursing (RAIN)
Recruitment & Retention of American Indians into Nursing

The RAIN program provides academic support and assistance to American Indian students seeking a nursing degree - pre-nursing through doctorate.

Children & Family Services Training Center
Children & Family Services Training Center

Serves as the primary training agency for child welfare services in North Dakota.

Student Resources 

Our students are active and involved with research. 

Research & Scholarship DayResearch & Scholarship Day

CNPD students are encouraged to participate in a day of celebrating research, collaboration, scholarship, and creative activities.

U-RISE ProgramU-RISE Program

The U-RISE Program is an undergraduate, NIH-funded Honors research training fellowship program. 

Student Research Travel FundingStudent Research Travel Funding

The Research and Scholarship Committee encourages dissemination of research by providing financial support to scholars invited to present research and scholarship. 

UND Division of Research & Economic DevelopmentUND Division of Research & Economic Development

The hallmark of a major research university is its ability to link students and faculty across all disciplines toward the creation of new ideas and the generation of new technologies.

Faculty Research News

UND-based Financial Interdependence Project hosting colloquium Sept. 22-24
GRAND FORKS, N.D.— The Financial Interdependence Project, located at the University of North Dakota and supported by the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines, is hosting a colloquium at UND’s Memorial Union. The event brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners and funders from across the nation to UND to discuss fostering financial capability and prosperity […]
CNPD Research News: May 2023
CNPD Accomplishments Congratulations to Dr. Desiree Tande and Professor Erin Lauckner on being awarded funding for their grant “Campus Farmers Market to Promote Gardening, Healthy Eating, and Increase Food Insecurity Awareness”. Congratulations to Dr. Yi-Ping Hsieh on her recent publications and conference presentation: Lee, Y. S., Roh, S., Hsieh, Y. P., & Park, Y. (2023). […]
Nutrition & Dietetics Research Updates
Dr. Nathaniel Johnson This year was exceptionally busy for research as Dr. Johnson set the foundation for his future interdisciplinary research agenda. Dr. Johnson published one manuscript in the 2022-2023 academic year and submitted five different research proposals. The manuscript was published in the journal Sensors, regarding a novel biomarker sensor and the association of […]
CNPD Research & Scholarship Day | Online Submissions
Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty from the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines presented their research and other scholarly activities in Social Work, Nursing, and Nutrition & Dietetics. Part of the event was held in person at the Memorial Union. Below are video submissions from online students. VIEW 2023 CATALOG Video Presentations from Distance […]
CNPD Research News: April 2023
CNPD Accomplishments Congratulations to Frank Johnson on his recent publication! Johnson, F., Jr, RedCloud, A., Mootz, J., Hallgren, K.A., Elliot, K., Alexander, C., Aanji’bide Community Action Board, & Greenfield, B. L. (2023). Community member perspectives on adapting the cascade of care for opioid use disorder for a tribal nation in the United States. Addiction, 10.1111/add.16184. […]